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Why now: 6 reasons to do Venture Building

Why now: 6 reasons to do Venture Building

Venture building is the new buzzword in the business community. Creating a brand new startup from scratch looks a promising for companies willing to experiment and innovate. 



Indeed the process of growing new startups or businesses from within, if approached correctly, has great potential to generate competitive advantage and, ultimately, growth. It makes the core business evolve toward new frontiers that would be otherwise difficult to even envision within the usual industrial plan process. 



But it’s not just about growing the top line. It’s about creating change, sustainably, through an entrepreneurial environment: applying the lean-startup mindset, learning new methodologies, exploring unknown business domains, attracting and raising new generations of talents, addressing new sustainability issues. These are all aspects that, once instilled in an organization, increase the likelihood that it will survive and grow sustainably over the long term. 

Why Venture building is gaining momentum?

  • Tackle business disruption
  • Increase revenues
  • Validate innovation before scaling ​
  • Raise a new generation of intrapreneurs
  • Attract new investors
  • Address sustainability issues


We have created a new guide in which we take a deep look into the 6 reasons why companies should engage in venture building. We know venture building is a risky model that requires commitment and resources. However, we want the reader focus on the benefits she/he can achieve, bearing in mind that venture building is about sustainable growth and capital efficiency




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