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The Middle East Manufacturing Trilogy

online | December 5


The Middle East Manufacturing Trilogy




Smart Manufacturing is rapidly reshaping the Middle East's industrial landscape, with a fundamental and strategic restructuring of the industry, transitioning from a legacy trading hub to a world-class manufacturing powerhouse. Key initiatives, led by the UAE’s Ministry of Industry and Advanced Technology (MoIAT), the Abu Dhabi Department of Economic Development (ADDED), and Saudi Arabia's National Industrial Strategy (NIS), underscore the region's commitment to Smart Manufacturing and Sustainability as a key enabler for the next growth phase, promoting the region’s commitment to innovation and global competitiveness.


In line with this, on December 5th GELLIFY will be hosting a free online webinar to discuss our latest thought leadership article called The Middle East Manufacturing Trilogy, where we will be discussing the three key pillars that are re-shaping the smart manufacturing industry:


  1. Operational Excellence: How to unlock value traps and discover buried inefficiencies through the power of data and advanced analytics, smart cloud-native digital solutions, and lean services
  2. Servitization: A fundamental and disruptive change in manufacturers’ strategy, shifting from product-centric to service and customer-centric business models and new customer relationships
  3. Sustainability: Leverage the green transition as an opportunity to increase efficiency, attract and retain talent, and increase customer loyalty



Join us in this transformative journey. Register now and be a part of the future of manufacturing in the Middle East.

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