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Pedro Luzón joins GELLIFY Iberia

Pedro Luzón joins GELLIFY Iberia

GELLIFY, the purple innovation factory that blends future visions, software and human genius, enabling organizations to flourish as modern digital businesses, has announced the appointment of Pedro Luzón as the new Senior Innovation Lead and Head of Delivery. 


Pedro Luzón has an Industrial Engineering Degree from Universidad Carlos III de Madrid and a Digital Marketing, Business Administration and Management MBA from ThePower Business School.  


With over 10 years of experience in the innovation ecosystem, he is an well-known expert in innovation strategy. His mission is to provide companies with the ability to identify, test and adopt solutions that come from startups, companies and research centers, in order to help address new opportunities and overcome all the challenges a business can face.  


He has worked in the aerospace industry for almost 18 years, in various roles.  This is a very complex and competitive industry due to its fast-pace. It is vitally important to focus on the customer, specially on their needs, always showing quick results. 


Pedro has designed, developed and implemented programs related to the transformation and improvement of a business, the startup acceleration, intrapreneurship and the most recent one, Venture Clienting. 


His ability to learn quickly seasoned with a lot of honesty and empathy, has allowed him to build trusting environments where people have felt comfortable and free to express themselves and argue about projects, about how to generate value. 


With his integration, GELLIFY Iberia reinforces its management team to strengthen its operations in Spain, where it is experiencing significant growth with large customers, creating high impact projects based on its unique approach to innovation.  

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