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Inside Corporate Entrepreneurship 2022

Inside Corporate Entrepreneurship 2022

Look back at the best spots of Corporate Entrepreneurship!


These are just some of the numbers that can sum up the two days of Corporate Entrepreneurship 2022.


Starting from the definition of Corporate Entrepreneurship - an open innovation model that leverages the entrepreneurial skills of organizations with the goal of entering new markets or launching new products and services - our event represented an opportunity to discuss, through the bright voice of international experts, what are the best practices, trends and international success stories of corporations and organizations that are addressing these issues through investments and venturing initiatives but also through the enhancement of human capital, with an important look at the very topical issue of the energy crunch and sustainability.


Our goal was to provide companies with all the tools they need to ensure the survival and future of their businesses, especially in rapidly changing socio-economic contexts, such as those we are facing: we strongly believe that it's essential to involve all stakeholders in a review of their innovation models and leadership styles, through pathways capable of stimulating the creation and introduction of new products, processes and systems that can help organizations to navigate situations of uncertainty and market turbulence.


Keep following us to relive this edition of Corporate Entrepreneurship and have the chance to hear again from our speakers!


Paolo Taticchi 

Starting with an overview of the growing pervasiveness of sustainability within society, Paolo Taticchi, Professor in Strategy and Sustainability & School Deputy Direction at UCL School of Management, dived into how to approach the design of a sustainability strategy, identifying the key elements of business cases to change.


Fabio Vaccarono and Cameron Collins

One global manager and one entrepreneur speak up about how to cultivate a culture that nurtures talent in a corporate: we had the pleasure of hosting Fabio Vaccarono, President, CEO, and General Manager of Multiversity Group, ex-Google, and Cameron Collins, Entrepreneur & Founder at Workfam.  


If they had to choose one way to describe the new leadership model in corporations, it would be the "long life learning model," in which listening activity is the basis.  


Alec Ross

“The work that GELLIFY is doing is exactly what the world needs right now”


Do you want to know why? Alec Ross, ex Technology & Media Policy coordinator of Obama campaign, author and Distinguished Adjunct Professor at Bologna Business School, is going to explain it to you.  



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