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GELLIFY’s Design Concept Lab©

GELLIFY’s Design Concept Lab©

In an age of ceaseless innovation, relying on outdated methodologies is akin to using a typewriter for software coding. Yes, design thinking has been the beacon for companies and innovators, guiding them through the chaotic seas of product creation and service delivery. But as the world evolves, shouldn't your approach to design evolve too?


Design Thinking: Why It's Still Relevant (But Needs a Revamp)

For the uninitiated, design thinking is a problem-solving approach with a deep focus on the end user. It has been the backbone of countless successful projects, providing a systematic avenue for creativity and innovation. However, while the basic principles of design thinking remain rock solid, the methods we apply need a fresh perspective. Enter the 21st century, and enter GELLIFY's Design Concept Lab.



The Game-Changer: GELLIFY's Design Concept Lab

Gone are the days when mere brainstorming sessions sufficed. GELLIFY challenges the status quo, urging you to demand more from your design thinking methods. The Design Concept Lab is not just another design framework; it’s a rebirth of conventional ideologies.

From Air to Solid: A Journey Beyond Traditional Design Thinking

  • Air Phase: The 'Air' phase isn’t about vague ideas floating around. It's about giving you clarity—making sure you understand the purpose behind each step. This is the phase where ideas take their first breath.
  • Liquid Phase: Diving deeper, the 'Liquid' phase is where ideas start to take shape. This phase challenges you to refine and redefine, making sure the problem at hand is clearly understood and ready for innovative solutions.
  • Gel Phase: The transition from a fluid concept to a tangible solution begins here. The 'Gel' phase is where ideation meets its practical application. It's about ensuring feasibility while staying true to the innovative essence.
  • Solid Phase: Once your idea has passed through the rigors of the previous phases, it’s time to solidify its presence. The 'Solid' phase is about scalability and ensuring the idea is not just good on paper but robust in the real world.






Challenge Accepted? Dive Deeper with The Purple Book of Canvases

If you're content with age-old design thinking methods, this isn't for you. But if you've got the nerve to challenge convention, to demand more from your processes, and to truly innovate—GELLIFY's Design Concept Lab is your next step.


Ready to break the mold?

Dive into a design methodology fit for the future. Experience the game-changing insights in the Purple Book of Canvases.


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