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GELLIFY and MIDA Join Forces in a Strategic Partnership

GELLIFY and MIDA Join Forces in a Strategic Partnership

GELLIFY, an international Innovation Factory that supports companies in innovation processes and digital transformation, and MIDA SB Spa, a B Corp Benefit Company of management consulting that designs solutions for change management and people transformation capable of ensuring sustainable development - are thrilled to announce a strategic and operational partnership. This collaboration marks a significant milestone, as GELLIFY becomes a stakeholder in MIDA Sb Spa, reinforcing GELLIFY's position as a global beacon of innovation and furthering MIDA SB SPA's mission to foster sustainable growth for the planet, businesses, and individuals.


The partnership reflects GELLIFY's successful trajectory over the past year, closing 2023 with impressive revenues of €26 million, an EBITDA exceeding 11%, and witnessing organic growth in Italy, Spain, and the Middle East. Looking ahead, GELLIFY is set to amplify its development efforts, particularly in the Spanish market, aiming for a revenue surge of over 15% compared to the previous year. Key to this growth will be strategic mergers and acquisitions (M&A) and substantial industrial collaborations, including those with ARAD and Temsi—Italian frontrunners in digital project execution and strategic enterprise consulting. These partnerships have already culminated in combined revenues exceeding €40 million, boasting an EBITDA of 17%.


Through this partnership with MIDA, GELLIFY further integrates innovation and sustainability into its ecosystem, merging digital with human transformation. This enhances GELLIFY's capacity to guide organizations and individuals through every stage of change within a sustainable impact framework. From strategy formulation to the introduction of new processes, projects, and business models, and from cultural shift to the adoption of well-being, inclusion, and regenerative behaviors, GELLIFY is committed to making corporations more resilient and 'future-proof.'


"We are excited to welcome MIDA Sb Spa into the GELLIFY ecosystem. We've always believed that without the development of human capital, innovation and technology cannot sustain long-term effectiveness. This belief has been a cornerstone of our approach since GELLIFY's inception, leading us to develop a specialized 'smart human' offering. Our partnership with MIDA significantly enhances our capabilities in this area," shared Francesco Ferri, CEO of GELLIFY. "MIDA brings 50 years of invaluable experience in guiding numerous organizations through change management, training, and corporate improvement. Our collaboration aims to provide an end-to-end solution for our clients, ensuring a comprehensive accompaniment in their transformation endeavors. With MIDA's contribution, we're poised to add a crucial component to our cross-sectoral innovation offering, enhancing our leadership in the innovation and business transformation market."


MIDA, a certified B Corp and management consulting benefit company since 1974, specializes in guiding organizations through transformative phases, enhancing performance, well-being, and employee engagement with a sustainable outlook. MIDA stands out in the Italian HR consulting sector for integrating Behavioral Science, Humanity-Centered Design, Positive Psychology, and Neuroscience into its projects. With its innovative D.R.E.A.M.™ change model, a unique NeuroEmpowerment approach, and a strong commitment to HR process sustainability, MIDA crafts transformative experiences and fosters innovative, inclusive work environments, measuring its ESG impacts through specific KPIs.


"For half a century, we've supported our client companies' evolution and helped individuals unleash their talents. We're proud of our legacy and excited about our future. Today, we contribute to organizational transformations, ensuring they become exemplary hubs of business and human flourishing. Our creative, scientifically-backed, and data-driven approach is at the heart of our change and adoption projects, personal development, and HR consulting services," stated MIDA's partners Marco Poggi, Laura Pieralisi, Alessia Mistretta, Silvio Trombetta, and Pierpaolo Peretti Griva. "The partnership with GELLIFY, a dynamic and forward-thinking innovator, represents a leap forward in our ambition to co-create Europe's premier platform for sustainable innovation. This collaboration enables us to generate a unique consultancy ecosystem, combining innovation and sustainability to deliver state-of-the-art, integrated solutions across all client company areas. We are thrilled to embark on this journey together."


Legal advisory for the partnership was provided by the esteemed law firm Gianni and Origoni, led by Counsel Rodrigo Boccioletti and Managing Associate Matteo Canonico for GELLIFY, while MIDA received counsel from Massimo Bellardi, partner at Weigmann Studio Legale, and financial advisory from Sella Investment Banking's M&A Advisory team.

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