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GELLIFY & CAST Complete Phase 1, Unveil COBOL Code & Data Project for the Future

GELLIFY & CAST Complete Phase 1, Unveil COBOL Code & Data Project for the Future

A few months ago GELLIFY embarked on a project that will lead to the creation of middleware for a leading insurance banking institution geared toward enhancing the value of the data hosted today on an AS/400 system, capitalizing on the information managed by an existing application that is illsuited to the reactivity required to meet new competitive scenarios.


GELLIFY used CAST Imaging's software intelligence technology to analyze the core asset consisting of a large amount of legacy code with decades of layering, rehashed over the years, and completely undocumented. A group of COBOL experts who are part of the GELLIFY ecosystem was involved in the project, with the goal of analyzing the legacy code by extracting and making the data usable.


With CAST, GELLIFY has significantly reduced the time it takes to understand architectures and interactions, both through the graphical rendering offered by CAST Imaging and the availability of the description of each procedure, which is immediately available in natural language thanks to the AI built into the software intelligence solution. Once the project is completed, the middleware software will become a strategic asset for a startup tasked with using the same application to free up legacy data from other insurance banking groups and make it usable.


The same methodology, including the acquisition by reverse engineering of the legacy code present in each organization, can be replicated in the future on other similar applications by capitalizing on the expertise embedded in existing assets and allowing access to otherwise invaluable data.




About CAST

CAST has pioneered and now leads the emerging market category of software intelligence – insights into the inner workings and structural condition of custom-built applications. Its technology understands how multi-technology software systems work, automatically derives this intelligence, and puts it at the fingertips of all who need it. Visit www.castsoftware.com.

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