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Deep Dive into Corporate Venturing at Corporate Entrepreneurship Event on November 23 and 24

Online | 2022-11-23


Deep Dive into Corporate Venturing at Corporate Entrepreneurship Event on November 23 and 24


On November 23 and 24 we return with our flagship online event to talk about Corporate Entrepreneurship, a model of innovation that promotes not only strong entrepreneurial skills but also cultural and organizational change, which is often resisted by models that are too rigid.


In rapidly changing socio-economic contexts, such as those we are facing, Corporate Entrepreneurship becomes a crucial opportunity to discuss - through the brilliant voices of international experts - what are the best practices worldwide, trends, and success stories of companies and organizations that are addressing these issues through investments and venturing initiatives but also through the enhancement of human capital, with an important look at the very topical issue of the energy crunch and sustainability.


Encouraging corporate decision-makers to join the event, Massimo Cannizzo, CEO, and Co-Founder, GELLIFY Middle East said, “Innovation and Venturing help established companies accelerate the adoption of advanced technologies and create new streams of revenues through distinct, agile, and innovative vehicles. Innovation has the purpose to challenge the status quo and adapt businesses to the fast-changing world. Without innovation, companies risk settling for past successes and end up losing market share. Without venturing, the process to launch a new digital business would not be fast enough. Corporate Entrepreneurship is a strategic growth tool that helps companies to disrupt new markets and scale. This event is for true innovators willing to act, so if you are a CEO, CIO, CVC Investor, Chief Strategy Officer, or anyone involved in the decision-making within the nowadays challenging context, it’s a must-attend event for you” 


The first day of the event will witness notable speakers from the UAE speak about the future of Digital healthcare and corporate venturing where Dr. Osama El Hassan, Health Informatics specialist at Dubai Health Authority, Vice President of UAE Health Informatics Society and a co-founder & the coordinator of the GCC Taskforce on Workforce Development in Digital Healthcare (ZIMAM) and Dr Sara Alom Ruiz, General Manager for Digital Transformation and Innovation at Mediclinic will join forces at Corporate Entrepreneurship Digital Health Panel to share truly groundbreaking practices and trends to look out for in the healthcare ecosystem.


Furthermore, Jose Luis Lopez Villen, Director of Open Innovation & Partnerships Ecosystem at e& Enterprise, and Dana Labin, Principal at Dubai Future District Fund will join the panel discussion revolving around the new corporate venturing rules in the new economy. As the pace of innovation is accelerating day by day, changing markets, and creating new opportunities, the panel will explore what are the rules of the game of the startup-corporate relationship.


Among the other famous speakers, GELLIFY will host Alec Ross, New York Times best-selling author and Distinguished Adjunct Professor at the University of Bologna Business School, who has played a major role in defining technological policies promoted by Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama; Carlo Alberto Carnevale Maffè, Professor of Strategy at Bocconi University and Paolo Taticchi, Professor in Strategy and Sustainability & School Deputy Director at UCL School of Management, who will focus his speech on ESG Revolution and those specific investments in technology, environmental, social and governance fields that are more suitable for companies.


In addition, the two days event will be hosting Michele Giordani, Chief of Strategy, Client & Ecosystem and Founder di GELLIFY who is going to investigate Corporate Entrepreneurship’s next outlook and future top trends to focus on, Maurizio Preziosa, Group Managing Director of Spirax-Sarco who will talk about Energy Transition towards Net-Zero emission and Lucia Chierchia, GELLIFY Market Ambassador & Chief of OI Ecosystems, InspiringFifty, Advisory Politecnico di Milano Advisory Board Member, Bologna Business School Founding Member, and European Innovation Council Jury Member.


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