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De-risking: 5 steps to maximize your company’s chances to succeed

De-risking: 5 steps to maximize your company’s chances to succeed

Recent times have shown how easy it can be for new ventures to fail.

With Venture Capital experiencing a 38% decline from 2021 to 2022, and the number of Unicorns decreasing by 85% from the first to the last quarter of 2022, the market has demonstrated how excessive tech enthusiasm and "over-scaling" approaches have led many startups to underestimate the risks they face.


Nevertheless, recent research from McKinsey reveals a 21% increase in companies that consider new-business building to be one of their top growth strategies. To ensure sustainable venture growth, companies need to identify and reduce potential risks that can compromise their success.


In our new guide, Vincenzo Mura, Head of Venture Building at GELLIFY, will shed light on the advantages of de-risking as an essential strategy for assessing and managing unexpected challenges in the Corporate Venture Building process.


This process occurs when entrepreneurial initiatives are born within the corporate environment. GELLIFY's de-risking approach is a 5-step framework that involves validating all the likely risks and pitfalls of the journey and planning actions to mitigate those risks.


Why you should implement a de-risking strategy

  • It helps companies validate ideas instead of directly jumping to development or launch
  • To avoid spending money and time on ideas that won't work
  • It will help you to understand feasibility, viability, and desirability of your product or service

Discover the 5 steps to create a de-risking strategy, download the guide now!

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