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Corporate Entrepreneurship: from “new normal” to new future

Online | 2022-11-23

Corporate Entrepreneurship: from “new normal” to new future

Are you prepared to become a future-ready company? 


Embark on a new adVenture towards innovation through Corporate Entrepreneurship!  In a rapidly transforming business environment, innovating and responding to change through entrepreneurship is critical to remain relevant in fluctuating markets. 


That’s why on November 23 and 24, GELLIFY will host an online event on how to create value and generate growth to thrive in this new mutating socio-economic context.  Corporate Entrepreneurship is the event you've been waiting for, to find out how to make your company stay competitive and embrace innovation, instead of fearing it!    


This past decade has been filled with unprecedented challenges and upheavals, crises and dangers, especially in the last year. Companies are starting to realize that corporate entrepreneurship enables them to succeed by creating an innovative culture internally. Another reason they initiate it is that startups serve as driving forces in attracting young talents.   


Corporate Entrepreneurship is now considered a key model of the new economy as more and more large companies around the world are adopting new business models, typical of startups, to increase their competitiveness. Startup units work as a pulse check, having a group of people who monitors the pain points that will lead to changes in the industry, then, work on creating new revenue streams.   


Investing in startups that operate in adjacent sectors, or sectors that are far from their core business, organizations have the opportunity to achieve diversification by anticipating the needs of markets in which competitors operate in more traditional ways. Others also see corporate entrepreneurship as a growth opportunity to reinvest in their core business. 


In this 2 days - November 23 and 24 - of interesting appointments with renowned speakers and guest stars, GELLIFY wants to present the state of the art in Corporate Entrepreneurship and share its vision on how it helped its clients to stay ahead of the game. 

We will talk about the most relevant trends the world is talking about right now, taking you from here to the future of corporate entrepreneurship.  


Find out more about our speakers and guest stars: https://corporateentrepreneurship.it/


We are sure you don’t want to miss this terrific opportunity to stay on top of the heap, get informed on super interesting and innovative topics for reasoning and understanding the importance of corporate entrepreneurship to survive in such a competitive and tribal business environment. 

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