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ARAD and TEMSI join the GELLIFY ecosystem

ARAD and TEMSI join the GELLIFY ecosystem

The synergy with ARAD and TEMSI further energizes the GELLIFY ecosystem, which is consolidating itself as a reference hub for innovation on an international scale. In fact, the two Italian companies have emerged as excellence in the development of digital projects for omnichannel strategy and "lean" strategic consulting, aiming to improve operational efficiency, reduce waste, and optimize business processes.


The new partnership will expand the reach of GELLIFY, offering a complete and integrated innovation experience for public and private organizations, supporting them in every phase of their digital transformation journey, from strategy to execution.

Francesco Ferri, CEO of GELLIFY, does not hide his satisfaction and is thrilled to announce the inclusion of ARAD and TEMSI in the GELLIFY ecosystem.


"On one hand," says Ferri, "the integration of ARAD will allow us to particularly consolidate our presence in the luxury, fashion, and design sectors. Thanks to the skills and experience of ARAD, we will be able to offer tailor-made digital transformation services for these sectors, thus positioning GELLIFY as a leader in technological innovation in these dynamic and creative markets."

"On the other hand," he continues, "joining TEMSI represents an extraordinary opportunity to expand our process optimization services from a ‘lean’ perspective, aiming to reduce costs and improve the operational efficiency of our clients, with a particular focus on consumer goods/large distribution and manufacturing."


ARAD is an independent consulting boutique with a consistently growing turnover active in the luxury, fashion, and design sectors. As stated by Andrea Moretti, Managing Partner of ARAD Digital, "ARAD Digital was born with the idea of creating a team made up of the best digital experts, in order to significantly impact our clients' businesses, helping them accelerate their growth."


Moretti continues, ensuring: "Thanks to this strategic partnership with GELLIFY, it will be possible to generate even more value for the companies that collaborate with us, thanks to the ability to offer end-to-end management of any type of digital project, from defining the value proposition to implementing application processes and related software solutions."


Maria Laura Albini, Partner of ARAD Digital, continues: "Every major business decision should always start with the customer, with their needs, expectations, and desires, and it is from this awareness that the strategic collaboration between ARAD and GELLIFY was born. The goal is to offer an even more personalized and complete service, thanks to industry experts and cutting-edge technologies. The partnership will, in fact, allow both our realities to enhance their own ecosystems, generating a real and positive impact on the daily operations of the respective client companies."


TEMSI (Tecniche Management Sviluppo Impresa) is a company that works with brands from various sectors operating in the world of industry, fashion, catering, banking, multiutility, agri-food, pharmaceuticals, and organized large distribution. Its mission is to create customized solutions capable of connecting people and markets, through a valuable Customer Experience.


Roberto Fasani, General Manager of TEMSI, stated: "After 45 years of a 'solo' journey, we finally met the people we had been looking for. GELLIFY and TEMSI embark together on a new journey, the guideline of which is to integrate technological innovation with the concreteness of results, to support the entrepreneurs of the future."

GELLIFY is ready to move forward on the path of innovation, strengthened by recent partnerships that will bring new and valuable skills necessary for its evolution.


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