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Empower innovation

We are “the” Purple innovation factory that blends future visions, software and human genius, enabling organizations to flourish as modern digital businesses.

Innovation is made up of numbers, people, and places

We streamline innovation through a unique integrated ecosystem that connects people, processes and technologies. GELLIFY spreads its energy in different countries and through a network of passionate innovators who ignite projects and make our Purple way become a tangible result.


People across 6 global offices


Innovators' network


Projects in 6 global SW products


Startups validated, 60 invested, 5 exited


Clients believing in our talent

We keep working on new challenges, together with all the players who want to embrace our vision.

Gellify sites map
GELLIFY Italia – Bologna HQ

Via Isonzo 55/2, 40033, Casalecchio di Reno, Bologna, (Italy)


GELLIFY Italia – Milan office

Via Joe Colombo 6, 20124, Milan (Italy)


GELLIFY Italia – Imola office

Via Provinciale Selice 51, 40026, Imola (Italy)


GELLIFY Iberia – Barcelona office

One Cowork Plaça Catalunya, Carrer d'Estruc 9, 08002 Barcelona (Spain)


GELLIFY Iberia – Madrid office

La Fábrica, Glorieta de Quevedo 9, 5º, 28015 Madrid (Spain)


GELLIFY Middle East

Office 304, 3rd floor, DIC Building @1- Al Sufouh Dubai Internet City, Dubai (United Arab Emirates)



Riviera di Chiaia n. 215, 80121, Napoli (NA)


Temsi San Paolo

Av.9 de Julho 3.147, 8º andar | Jardim Paulistano, São Paulo


Temsi Bologna

Via della Zecca 1, 40121 Bologna


Arad Digital Bologna

Via Francesco Roncati 7, 40134 Bologna


Arad Digital Milano

Via Giorgio Washington 70, 20146, Milano


Arad Digital Padova

Via della Provvidenza 152/7, Rubano, 35030 Padova


Mida - Milan

Via Privata della Braida 5


Mida - Rome

Via Palermo 41


Present, past, future challenges and transformations

digital investments image

Digital Investments create value

We invest in rapidly growing startups, scale-ups and SMEs with a focus on B2B software products, based on disruptive technologies and platforms businesses led by rockstar founders.

We mainly focus on Cyber Security, Industrial IoT and Industry 4.0, AI and Blockchain.

Our Purple Gellification, an exclusive growth model we gave life to and empowered, allows companies, whether consolidated or newly established, to cross the three states of matter plus one: the gel. We start from a brilliant idea and team, and we get to a solid startup or a completely innovated business.

What can we achieve together thanks to this dual approach, which still follows the same impulse? We release programs and projects to implement the strategic and operational aspects of innovation itself and to connect the digital skills necessary to make it real.

GELLIFY carries out a company building process to create new businesses from scratch through a rich network and an established knowledge in different markets.

Our passion: supporting people with great ambition

culture image

Change comes from a generation of entrepreneurs and professionals contributing to the creation of companies and leverage technology, building a positive and sustainable value for the whole surrounding environment.

GELLIFY trusts in people who are able to find the right place and time to make the innovation start. Sometimes they need a vision able to get them together, to collaborate and generate more and more transforming energy. Some of them have an impact on large corporations and need support in making their projects flourish and more fluid. Some other brilliant minds create their emerging startups and are just searching for a drive to get themselves off the ground and become solid.

From liquid to solid, from solid to fluid: GELLIFY goes along with already consolidated and structured companies towards a future that is already here making them act in a more flexible, digital way, abreast with the new normal.

Our mission is to help everyone face new arising challenges, creating a virtuous cycle of young talents, digital economies, and entrepreneurial ecosystems.

Human talents, envisioning the future

Becoming Purple

We are always looking for talents to improve the way we innovate and to deliver the best outcomes.

GELLIFY aims to create a Purple, flourishing future through “human genius”, smart people who collaborate, share ideas and solutions, people who want to embrace the continuous improvement for their professional paths, reinforcing their skills.

If you want to discover the new frontiers of technology, innovation and digitalization, we can’t wait to have you on board to start this journey together. Let’s make the world more Purple!

Phygital HUB, a physical space with digital techs

An innovative, industrial space where
new digital technologies, new ideas, people and events blend.

Building the future

What about tomorrow?

GELLIFY works day after day to enlighten the future and build innovation by supporting existing initiatives and creating new ones.